Triton Inc. focuses on a result driven approach to acquiring customers in the San Diego area. Our consultative approach educates our potential clients which is the best way to build trust and provides long-lasting relationships. 

The success of our company heavily depends on the success of our employees. We believe that investing in our people means investing in the growth of our company. As such, we provide an intensive Leadership Program which helps develop everyone personally and professionally.


We believe in...

Teamwork and Collaboration. At Triton, we collaborate with colleagues in order to achieve results in alignment with the operations and mission of the company.


Service Focus. We value and deliver high-quality, professional, responsive and innovative service for our customers.


Resource Management and Stewardship. We strive demonstrating integrity, accountability and efficient stewardship of the company in a manner consistent with the company standards and policies.



In Triton Inc., we believe in equipping our generation of skill set necessary to become successful. We understand that it is our responsibility as stewards of earth to take care of our natural resources in order to leave a legacy where our future generations are empowered to flourish and achieve their highest potential in a world which is more sustainable.


Creative Innovation. We believe that it is our responsibility to leave a legacy for our future generation. We do this through creating innovative solutions to today's social issues.

Growth. In Triton, we believe that the only way to grow is by going beyond your comfort zone. This is why we want to make sure anyone coming in our business will be added value personally and professionally.

Family. We understand the value of giving back to those who helped us get to where we are. At the same time, we in Triton have created an environment where people thrive and grow with the support that each individual needs.